Welcome to Hotel Diablo

There is one thing you must know before you pack your bags and check-in; this is not your usual stay. This hotel is filled with rooms that are coated in raw and unspoken feelings. Conversations about depression, drug habits, suicidal thoughts, and even fake friends, are bound to stir up your realm and have you checking your inner self. If you think you can handle it, welcome to Hotel Diablo.

The 38-minute stay is provided by Machine Gun Kelly along with a few friends. “Lately, I’ve been sick of livin’, and nobody knows how I’m really feelin’. I always hated to smile, but it keeps what is killing me hidden inside I didn’t sign up to be the hero, but I don’t want to wind up a villain. I put my daughter to bed, then attempted to kill myself in the kitchen.” Raps the Cleveland native on, Glass House. The three-minute song features Naomi Wild who helps Kells narrate a story about mental health, addiction and also mourning the death of several artists.

The 14 track album comes packed with vibes ranging from hip-hop, massive 808’s, piano keys, eclectic guitar as well as drums, all these elements allowing your self to relax and truly indulge in his realm. This unique stay will have you really looking at yourself and making sure that the ones closest to you are more than okay. If you think you are more than ready for this adventure, check-in below.

Zeal & Pristine

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