S’natra: We Was Kids – EP

S’natra is back with his latest installment, WE WAS KIDS. This may be an EP, but from the production to the lyrics, the four-track project has you asking, “When is the next re-up?”

Brasstracks produced three of the four songs while Erince Beats worked his magic on the last. Both of them providing a soulful canvas for the Harlem native.

From start to finish you can’t help but become hooked just off his truth. S’natra leaves no topic untouched, from knowing his purpose, cutting off his doubters, the role models and the key to it all, his adolescence days.

“I miss the shit we did as kids.” He raps on Kids a three-minute track that features longtime friend T-Shyne. Who takes the second verse, rapping about his struggles and how he is now reaping all the benefits from the come up.

With an EP like this, it just proves that Harlem has a new star on their hands, and S’nara just proved he is here for the long run. You can stream We Was Kids below.

Zeal & Pristine

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