Jimmie Allen: From the Come Up to The Glory

Country star Jimmie Allen is a prime example that hard work pays off.

The 32- year-old was born and raised in Delaware but later relocated to Nashville to pursue his dreams as a singer and songwriter. While in the music city Allen faced quite a few hardships but, he didn’t let being homeless or Country music not being ready for him get in his way. He shook off all inhibitions and came out a winner.

He signed a deal with BBR Stoney Creek Records than later released Blue Jean Baby, a song that gave him a bigger buzz before he released his self-titled debut EP. The Country star was not only praised for this body of work but left his fans wanting more. On October 12, 2018, Jimmie Allen delivered with his debut album Mercury Lane. The Album title pays homage to his hometown in Delaware and also packs his second hit single, Best Shot. This song put Allen on the Billboard, and it also caused him to make history, by being the first black Country star to do so.

Jimmie has come a long way, and as he continues to climb up the ladder, it’s evident that he’s going to keep giving Country music his best shot.

Zeal & Pristine

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