Chap D: Vigorous and Dedicated

The way Chap D grind’s you’d think he was a skater, but he doesn’t practice 360 flips in the park. Instead, this MC grip’s a mic and can spit an ill 16.


Look at his latest EP Chap Chronicles in which the Inland Empire native raps over early 2000 beats. The ten track EP show’s not only his creative side but also his miraculous lyrical skills. To keep the ball moving and eyes locked on him he dropped his second album, Fly or Die a day later. This album held his infamous lyrical skills as well as sensational beats.

Chap D is always working, besides these two December releases he also put out another album and EP earlier within the same year. From dropping music, putting visuals out and doing show’s, its clear Chap D has what it take’s to survive in this game. He may not win a medal at the X Games, but with his hard work and steady consistency, he is bound to become an elite artist in this realm.

Zeal & Pristine

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