Daylan Gideon: Atlanta’s Star Boi

Everyone goes through a change; the ones around you will either support you or leave while you try to one up and better yourself. In Daylan Gideon’s case, people not only stayed but more came to witness the greatness in the making.

The Atlanta artist had taken a step back to switch up his sound. A task that many can fail at if not done right but, for Daylan it was a boss move. Not only did he come back stronger than ever but he also came back a Star Boi.

In the fall of 2018, he released his debut album 4 My Dawgs, a ten-track album that showed off his growth as well as lyrical talent. It also took listeners on a journey of an artist who not only wants the glory for himself but, his team as well. With all the success from his debut album, the 23-year-old is back in the studio working overtime.

He took to social media to announce that a new project will be dropping in April, featuring production by Young Wavy. With Daylan’s vigorous rap flows and Young Wavy on the beats, this next project will be no less than great.

Zeal & Pristine

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